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I am Iranian 3D Movie Director and Stereo Photographer.
First let me give you some background information about myself.
I have started as a professional Stereo photography & producer in 3D Movie( Nature and Industrial ) and then have worked some years as a designer for creating patterns for fabrics for major producers in Iran( I graduated in Graphic & Painting ). Then I advanced into taking 3D pictures with my special 3D camera and have gained much experience in this field and, I achieve a SSA  medal in the year 2000 and other .
I started to produce 3D production from the year 1995 and, with to have experiences of technical and art academic, I succeed to produce follow 3D production:
1 - Stereoscope
2 - Stereo Viewere
3 - Anaglyph Cards & Posters ( From stereo Photography till Printing )
4 - 3D Production in Lenticular system
5 - 3D glasses ( Pulfrich & Anaglyph )
6 - 3D Movie & Animation ( Pulfrich & Anaglyph )
7 - 3D CD ( Multimadea )

 Holy Shrine Imam Reza(A.S.)

ISU Representative in Iran



E-mail: iran_3d@yahoo.com
Mobile: 0912 279 82 03



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Holy shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.) _ Mashhad _ Faramarz Ghahremanifar

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