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Welcome To 3D Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (A.S.)

By Faramarz Ghahremanifar
ISU Representative in IRAN

No.14 Shahid Mohsen Sari Alley.
Hesamoddin St.
Tehran - Iran
Postal Code: 1353968499
Tel: +98(21) 5571 32 10
Mobile: +98 (912) 279 82 03




3D in Iran  By  Faramarz  Ghahremanifar

I am the ISU Representative in Iran, and I live in Tehran. I.ve been a member of ISU since 1996. Since 1995 I.ve been professional Stereo Photographer and producer of 3D movies (nature and industrial), and also have worked for years as a designer, creating fabric patterns for major producers in Iran (I have a degree in Graphics & Painting).

I was awarded my first SSA medal in 2000. I produce and sell a variety of 3D products including anaglyph Multimedia CDs and books, Lenticulars, 3D glasses, Stereo viewers and my first Phantogram animation / Film in 2009.

A new project of great importance to me in 2009 is creating 3D animations (Phantograms). Also in 2008 I started teaching stereo photography in a conservatory (photography), instructing the first academic students in this subject in Iran.

Part of my business is stereo photography and processing for Lenticular images (3D - Motion - Morph & Flip). Recently I have combined Anaglyph still images or Anaglyph & Pulfrich movies with lenticular technology, and as a result, I have succeeded in viewing these images or movies without the need for 3D glasses. Now, by setting a lenticular sheet on Anaglyph images or on an LCD monitor, anyone can see these in 3D easily without 3D glasses. I call my method Lenticular Mach Screen (LMS).

See more ... at www.iran3dtv.com

Faramarz Ghahremanifar - Stero Photographer

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